Hair Trends For Summer 2015

What are the new hair trends for Summer 2015, we ask.

As we approach our 2015 Summer’s eve, slowly but surely, the dark and gloomy Winter/Spring trends are going out the window, making room for the always promising, beautiful California bright and sunny days.

If its trying a different cut, maybe changing up your color from dark to light or vice versa, summer gives you a chance to freshen up your look and add a more daring side to yourself.  Lets go over some of the trends we’ve seen thus far…

Natural, Sunkissed Color

We  have already seen the “fantasy colors” craze quiet down a bit. Pastels are still hot, but we’re finding a lot of clients are coming in asking for more natural, rooty colors. The new thing is “ecaille” or “tortoiseshell” color. Even if you haven’t heard either of the terms yet, chances are you’ve already considered it for yourself.


Remember those perfect, natural highlights you had as a kid? Well, the new “babylights” technique can get you that back! No, it’s not the fountain of youth, but these super-finely spliced highlights, when done all over, give you that natural, from-birth, dimensional color we all crave. By doing this technique instead of bleach and tone, the effect is a softer, less “Playboy” blonde.

When the regrowth starts rearing it’s little head, it is a more subtle, gradual, and natural looking transition than traditional highlights. Although the process is tedious and nearly painstaking, the payoff is well worth it!

Loose Curls

We all want the carefree, but polished look. You know, that blogger-out-to-brunch look. They look like they just rolled out of bed, threw a brush through a day old blow out, and out the door they went!

So, ladies, while we’re struggling in the mirror, on brink of tears, here’s how to achieve those “effortless” waves in a, well, minimal effort kind of way:

The easiest way is to curl the hair away from the face in one direction and the corresponding direction on the opposite side. Then flip your head upside-down, shake it out. Spray some (ideally) Davines Hair Refresher, lightly, all over. I, honestly, douse myself in it, but then again, I have very fine, flat hair. You can shoot some at the roots for volume and dust the ends for some piecey texture. This spray is magic. It gives me volume, texture, and that second day look with a little bit of hold.

If you don’t have the Davines Hair Refresher, I also like to take some Davines Sea Salt Spray, spritz it into my palms and run it through.

Long, Aggressive Layers

The more aggressive layers, when done strategically—and I stress strategically—can remove the heavy, unnecessary bulk that’s preventing the hair from making those sexy “S” formations we love.

I find that playing with cutting angles, paired with subtle softening of the layer’s edges can give the movement clients want without creating all of those ugly weight lines we often see some girls wearing. I always say if a girls hair doesn’t have the sexy ’S’s’ then it’s not cut right.”


No one likes to fuss with fringe at the beach, in the wind, or heat. Some of us, who own a wholesale stock of dry shampoo, will brave the summer months with our fringe due to larger than normal foreheads, stylistic preferences, or likeness for self torture. Others will choose to grow those suckers out for comfort and ease. Everyone to their own in the Fringe department.


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