Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner


Formulated as a no lather conditioner, it provides moisture to the hair follicle.

Formulated as a no lather conditioner, it provides moisture to the hair follicle and is applied in generous portions to ensure a saturation of the hair and hydration of the entire follicle. Hair Milk is a co-washing (conditioning & washing) solution and is intended as a shampoo free formula that cleanses while balancing your hair without depleting or stripping any of the natural oils present on the hair and scalp. It is important to balance the oils and nutrients in your hair and scalp. Too much oil/nutrients leads to limp and greasy locks and too little leaves your hair brittle and dry. Adequate balance is the trick and our conditioning solution gives you some additional control. Otherwise reserved for use in a professional salon setting as a paid service, this solution is highly effective at restoring the moisture of the hair and should be left on for a little longer than normal conditioners to maximize the treatment results. Hydration (water) is an essential factor to the heath of your hair and allows for adequate growth and hair health in general. Each hair shaft is one quarter water and if it has the hydration it needs to flourish it will grow healthy and strong. Occasional but effective moisturizing treatment like our Hair Milk – Nourishing & Cleansing Conditioner For Volume & Shine will allow one to achieve the best results for their hair and maintain general hair health much more effectively.


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