A Little Structure, A Little Hold


Flexible matte finish hair paste.

A Little Texture, A Little Hold is a flexible matte finish hair paste with some incredible ingredients like Beeswax and Lanolin oil that provide a subtle hold to your hair without the greasy effect that can be present in other hair paste products. This matte hair past has the texture of a soft white cream and when applied to the hair, adds a subtle texture while allowing for much needed flexibility in real-world applications. It was manufactured with the notion of a minimally disruptive texturizing cream that does not force your hair into a form but adds the necessary texturizing elements to allow for the most common salon styling techniques. Beeswax has lots of topically beneficial factors like carrying antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that are essential to fighting infections and shielding the hair from harmful wear. Lanolin Oil is a natural oil from sheep skin intended to hydrate & moisturize the skin and is why it is found in many of the cosmetic products on the market today. It locks in the existing moisture and absorbs additional moisture around it and is considered a lipid rich moisturizing emollient. Lanolin Oil is very useful to those with curly or thick hair as it is thicker than most other conditioning elements and helps to penetrate the thick hair for maximum moisture providing soft and manageable hair where otherwise impossible.


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