Deep Violet Shampoo


Keeps your whites whiter your silvers true to tone

Highlights at their intended shade and brightness

Eliminates brassy tones

Deep Violet Shampoo is intended for all blonde hair, silver shades, full or partial whites and highlighted hair. Some believe that purple shampoo adds a purple color to your hair but it is in-fact, simply neutralizing the yellow and orange in your hair that create those brassy color tones. Hard water, air pollution, excessive sun and chlorine exposure all work against maintaining light tones. This Deep Violet Shampoo by Le Cure Paris helps by working to maintain those beautiful blonde colors that you work so tirelessly to achieve. Using this purple shampoo will reenergize the luster of your locks and bring your lighter colors to life. Please be patient as this process can require more than a single application. Here are some of the benefits of our Deep Violet Shampoo:

Keeps your whites whiter your silvers true to tone.

Highlights at their intended shade and brightness.

Eliminates brassy tones.

Keeps your light colors bright.

This product is intended for: Blonde, silver and white or highlighted hair.

Specializes in neutralizing brassiness



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