How to Achieve the Perfect Blow-Dry

Often times I find clients who feel they can’t create that perfect blow-dry at home, on their own. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Creating a salon like blow dry at home, on your own, is completely possible.  All you truly need are the right tools, a little patience and you too can create that beautiful blow dry in no time. I’ve listed the tools which you would need below, and along with a positive attitude, you will be ready to show the world your beautiful creation.

  •  Have a seat in front of a mirror: The number one rule of blowdrying your own hair is to sit down while doing it. Have some patience when you first start; it gets easier.  You use a lot of upper arm and back muscles and sitting down with hair that is not drenched, properly combed or brushed out and pre-sectioned makes the whole ordeal a whole lot easier.
  • Use heat protection: Once you’ve gotten a majority of the moisture out of your hair through rough drying, apply a heat protector to your hair.  This can be a spray, an oil or a serum of sorts that protects your hair and helps smooth it out.  The blow dryer can be even more damaging than over-processed hair when used incorrectly.
  • The right dryer: Look for at least 1,800 watts and multiple heat and air settings. Medium heat is best for predrying hair. High heat temperatures manipulates your hair’s shape, and cool air sets a style. If you are a beginner in this endeavor, I recommend using a medium force setting to better control the hair on the brush.  Smaller sections also help in ease.  For a more voluminous look, concentrate on the ends rather than the roots, get getting the ends really smooth.  Another tip to achieve that volume is to hold the hair in your brush upright while drying the roots. (This takes arm muscle so make sure you’re seated while working with both arms up in the air.)
  • Nozzle: Don’t discard this. It is a key tool to a smooth look and keeps hair from getting too close to the heat. iT also concentrates the heat and force of the air onto the section you are working on.
  • Round brush: You are able to straighten strands, make ends flip, or create waves with a round brush. Time-saving tip: The bigger the surface area of a brush, the faster the drying time. Brushes with vents also shave off minutes. A good, high quality, boar bristle brush will give you extra shine and help control the hair, without retaining too much heat, thereby burning the hair.
  • Hair clip: It keeps layers separate and easy to manage and prevents damage caused by overdrying sections. Start from the back and work your way to the crown and front of  your hair. Pre-sectioning your hair after getting the majority of the moisture out of  your hair will speed up the process and avoid over heating.
  • Rebecca Ver Straten-McSparran

    Very helpful. I’ve never thought of sitting, starting from the back and working forward, or why a big brush with vents might make drying faster. I also didn’t know that the various heat settings are best used for specific tasks. Thank you.

    May 2, 2015 at 11:06 pm

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