Curls That Last


If you have resistant hair, or curls that fall out shortly after you finish styling, this blog will teach how to achieve curls that last.  Maybe the weather is to blame or perhaps the weight of your hair is to overwhelming to hold a decent curl. Setting your curls after applying heat is the best way to manipulate your hair and keep those spiraled curls intact. This method can be best described as setting because that is in fact what you’re doing. Use the iron to heat up the hair in the position you desire. After you let the curl heat up, use a Duckbill clip set the curl in place. The number of sections you choose to clip is entirely up to you. Next you will want to let a few minutes pass by, the longer the curl sets the longer it will last.

This particular technique is best done on previously washed hair and dry hair. Start off with with the front sections on either side of your head. Decide how big you want your curl because that will determine the size of each section you curl. Curl the section away from the face. After the section heats up, Release the curl. When it drops, re- curl the section with your fingers and pin it into place. You can use a duckbill clip, curl pin, or a bobby pin. All will achieve the same over all look.

Repeat the first step all over the head, curling each section and setting them into place with the pins of your choice. Once you’ve completed curling/setting all of your hair, let the pined hair sit for some time. The longer you let your hair cool down and rest in the set place, the longer the curls will last after being dropped.

After 30minutes or so pass, you’re  ready to remove the pins. This part is much easier.  Simply release the curls and let them drop into place. Depending on which look you wish to achieve, you can brush out your curls or leave them for a tighter spiral look.  At this point you are ready for work, or perhaps a night out on the town.


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